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Have you watched Thomas and Friends magazine yet

Thomas and Friends magazine is a story carrying education significance. It keeps the children company all the way to grow up healthily. And it gives children inspiration to study. This story trains the children start to work and beats the children’s brians. And teaches the children how to get along with people. what’s more, it develops children’s healthy and comprehensive thinking. Since 1984, it was ranslated into 45 languages and influenced more than 130 countries. In the beautiful DoDo island, enthusiastic Thomas is a lovely locomotive. He was a perfectionist. What he most likes to do is to help others. But he was involved in trouble because of his overzeal. But he is optimistic and cheerful so that he will forget the unpleasant things soon. He is grinning all the time now and again. Thomas has a lot of good train friends. They live in solidarity and friendship and healp each other. Every day, they work with a will and pick up different kinds of people. So during their work, there are various of intereating things happend. From those things, they learned that the importance of fair and friendship. From my point of view, it is a good televison programs for children to watch and learn.

Query wing subtree

Published in: “Popular Science reported”, 2009.12.29, C04.

Query wing subtree

LIU Hua-jie
(Department of Philosophy Department)

Bamboo Avenue, Nanning car east of the northern section of the Botanical Garden has a pretty good, I’ve been 4 times, its full name Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden, under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences of Guangxi Institute of Medicinal Plant Branch, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the medicinal plants the management, was founded in 1959. In this garden I have seen many plants unique to the South, such as Dalbergia, Martial Law, the Chinese worry-free flowers, full sunlight, grass cardamom, incense, etc. Yum. Last two to go, have seen and photographed a large leaf plants. Leaves broad, similar to the tulip tree was truncated, a bit like a plate dustpan. It is located west of the entrance garden, surrounded by a number of Camellia plants. The tree length, quite slow, is still in the young. Two years ago, still no results, while the 2009 has fruit and the tree still, but 4 meters high. On the ground and the branches are aged in wood capsule, was even cracking Pentagon. The new tree also has immature fruit, peach shape very like the sun, the new fruit rust-colored hair outside. Hand feels, the fruit is very hard. The vines of this area in the southwest corner, has found a big tree.
check-winged subtree

Two trees are not signs, the last two years I still do not know what name it is called, and asked few more individuals, no clue, I have been too lazy to check. Fact, not all do not want to check before, but there is no clue in mind, it is estimated search is in vain. The plant’s leaves and fruit are too strange, this return must know its name. December 3rd, 2009 at my hotel in the East Spring residence, a laptop connected to the results with more than six months can also be the China Telecom wireless network card, started rambling, how many queries a little luck. After half an hour of effort, success found its name: Split Fin cut tree!

“Flora of China” 80 volume 126, how to check? Although there are free electronic version, but there is no certain knowledge of botany, really bad check. My trick is to first have the knowledge under the bold speculation. Guess wrong, it does not matter, then re-guess you. Wood capsule according to fruit shape and has five edges, the start guess Oxalidaceae Averrhoa genus, the results are not found. Then guess Sterculiaceae, very lucky, really is the Division of Fin in plants. This is a total of nine kinds of Chinese. Then according to leaf and fruit shape, quickly determine the split fin is cut subtree ( Pterospermum
). Of course, check each plant’s name is not wishful, the situation might not find too often. When we do not know a plant name, a little bit about any of its information are important, even the earth was the dregs of the name must not let go. In natural history, the “Matthew Effect” is natural, “informed” to say to disagree. Know more plants that touch the new plants, natural plants can be compared with the previous, quickly, “cluster analysis”, roughly guess what it is in the section or. If the already weak economic foundation, it easy to get, just ask, many remember the.
check-winged subtree

check-winged subtree

Natural history of the name actually corresponds to a skill, make public knowledge once again into “personal knowledge.” Personal knowledge of scientists, philosophers, economists Polanyi (Michael
Polanyi ,1891-1976) first advocated a concept, usually people only scientific philosophy and sociology of science in the sense of using it. Re-read his book, there is a small find, I feel quite proud. Need to repeatedly read the classics, with different problems, different content will be read out. In fact, Polanyi’s masterpiece in the thick “of individual knowledge” using a considerable length about the botany of the content, such as Chapter 12, “know to know life” knowledge to know the corresponding English word is knowing. It seems to me that just can “personal knowledge” to describe the natural history features: start with personal knowledge into public knowledge, and then by public knowledge into personal knowledge or tacit knowledge.

“Personal knowledge” is a seemingly contradictory concept, but it is very important, it reveals the actual existence of forms of knowledge. We can even say extreme point, “public knowledge” is not knowledge, only personal knowledge before entering the living world, is you, my specific knowledge. The reason is very simple, such as more than 100 volumes of “Flora of China”, recorded more than 30,000 kinds of plants, I dare say that no one can know all of their plants. 3000 species can be recognized and not many. Flora can not be compiled out, published, and those of knowledge are all understood and mastered. Only by Ben Banfa, a one kind of control with the physical, sometimes with a variety of physical control, and multi-reference collection of specimens, to know a plant, have relevant knowledge. One master, and know a plant, after the run into the plant, according to Flora of keys is not as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit scanning again will recognize them, but the “gestalt” of way, suddenly a whole recognized them, just as we met and recognized as a colleague. A plant, in memory of the individual is a whole image, not the trivial data, only when needed, to individuals before you get it into the data for analysis.

Figure literacy is to give your child, while Figure knowledge of plants, animals, apply to all. Language for describing the effect was very limited, the graph including the language indescribable things. It would appear that “the plant name, map test,” “plant drawings,” like the book, it is not, as most people imagine a similar era of pictures of the picture book. Such map book, is recorded, display, disseminate important way of natural history.

Figure wrote:
001 Split Fin cut tree leaves.
002 Split Fin tree cut capsule.
003 philosopher of science Michael Polanyi.

Significant also eating lettuce

Published in the “technology boom” in 2009, 11, p. 46.

Significant also eating lettuce
Photo / Liu Huajie Peking University Centre for Science Communication

Figure 1: Hill’s tender shoots of lettuce, was taken in Tsinghua University.
impressive mountain can eat lettuce
Figure 2: lettuce’s yellow, white for the dog around the flower wow. Taken in Beijing Miyun Reservoir.
impressive mountain can eat lettuce

Today is September 22, 2009. Several Ouniao the south bank of the Miyun Reservoir in the autumn leisurely fly at low altitude, while hundreds of white or gray in waders in a calm lake beach basking in the sun, unfortunately I could not utter the name. Lake of the crop has been quietly change the color. Shen Dian Dian grow corn pole of the bar, rod sprouted grain like millet sprays coarse coir rope, all of these fruits hanging his head modestly. Peanuts have long harvest, the seeds of the occasional missing half a year earlier, made a bud, clean the soil from the fat of the cotyledons of two outstretched. Mung bean and sunflower also green, a low and one high around the corn fields. Highly similar to the edge of cultivated land and green beans, brown beans in the green tea through Cassia, dressed in the remnants of a few slices of green feathery leaves, stems, closed out the rows of pods. Twist open pods, can see the bright Xiao Douzi about two millimeters. The most eye-catching is a piece of farmland outside of the wild white dogs with blue sky matched by wow flowers.

Wow took the dog in close-up shots, I saw a small yellow flower isolated several flower near the withered blossoms on. One early winter afternoon, I and Wu Guosheng stroll along in this neighborhood have seen this Compositae, up to 1 meter and a half of the dry stem and many branches, hung with hundreds of achenes nearly cleared the head like inflorescence. Lake Resort in the clouds when we meet, time to cast a look to the lake. The Air I went to the University of lectures, early arrival, with one hour of free time, alone to the lake, have the opportunity to meet with it again. This species is Asteraceae Lactuca ( Lactuca
), their local names are Ida on A (Mongolian name), swallowtail (Changbai area termed dialect pronounced “Yan chair”), duck food, bitter Ma cuisine (Jinping calls it), bitter lettuce, an arrow (Zunyi it is called).

Lactuca very common, very common, no need to be able to see the Miyun Reservoir. Peking University, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan Normal University campus, Summer Palace, the Yongfeng High-tech Park, the Beijing districts and counties, as well as outside the country in addition to the Northwest, could see the plant! In the spring and autumn, this plant can cause the most attention.

It wears a thick split spring robust tender shoots of leaves, is very different from the surrounding grasses. It is thick, straight stems on the leaves very large, close to the tip of spears broken soon after the cropped white hair sticky liquid, oxidation in the air quickly turn yellow black. Dripping hands, Yiwu, on its own not just the relationship, if a bit like that on earth, a little trouble, is difficult to wash. This white paste with a little bitter, and many herbs have such Asteraceae white pulp, an addition to lettuce (Lactuca) other than, Sonchus genus (Sonchus), will activate an (Ixeris) plant is the same. However, it is such a touch of bitterness, so that they eat up tastefully. In fact mountain wild lettuce is a very good, and basically not eating this wild destruction of ecology, because it is widely distributed, all the seeds, plant growth capacity, fecundity strong. Wrote a small root in the wild garlic that has continuously been asked what other vegetables in Beijing. By the fifth son of the emperor Zhu profuse book “Famine Herbal” collection contains more than 400 kinds of plants, and “thinning of the drawing.” The less edible wild plants in Beijing also has 200 species. However, “health care” and “Famine of survival” can not be compared, together with ecological protection restrictions now, and I should not be easily recommended. But lettuce is no problem.

As a tasty vegetable, lettuce easiest way is: take fresh shoot tips, including leaves, Billy 3 minutes with boiling water, rinse with water, then soaked in 5 hours, remove some bitterness, and can be cold, soup or fried. Note that the growth of the city as much as possible not to eat lettuce because of pollution.

Spring, in the wild you can dig back several strains of lettuce, or kept in pots or planted outdoors. Just grow out, you will find it has a conical fleshy root, indicating that it is very easy to survival. If you do not want to seriously affect its growth, it can look like the lettuce to eat, a time to remove the stems and leaves of lower consumption, while a long while to eat. Later, you can enjoy the beauty of its flowers out.


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